Got a new little horse
he's handy, stout, just barely tame
Doesn't have a pedigree
just some sagebrush in his mane.

This horse has been cross country
most men have never rode.
Over red-rock mountains
and into canyons filled with aspen groves

There's something about runnin' free
that puts sense in a pony's head
the lessons in the wild don't count one, two, three
but oft times dead.

When it comes to negotiating a switchback
with a pack horse in tow
or dallying a head-strong steer
no arena trip could make him know.

How to dig in with those hocks,
put his head down and pull
all that stuff about bittin' up and leads
is just a lot of bull.

You hand me one who's learned his manners
from the teeth of a bitchy mare
or has had to dig for his feed in winter
when the hills are just plain bare.

I got me a case of trophies
they're not made of silver and such
it's just the times that me and my pony
have been to the mountains we love so much.

So you can have your polished show horse
with his blankets nose to tail
I'll take my rangy mustang
who rather stand outside, ass-end to the hail.

- Lesley Neuman
copyright 2003, all rights reserved.

For more information about this program and how you can adopt one of these "Living Legends" see the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Website


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